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Commercial painting in Melbourne doesn’t need to be a complicated process, often businesses will undertake painting themselves, resulting in a long and costly process. If you want to focus on business strategies and not painting a commercial building we can help. At Next Painting we take the stress out of getting your commercial space painted. We pride ourselves on our reliable reputation, getting the job done on time, at an affordable price and letting your business focus on what’s most important.

With our experience in commercial painting in Melbourne, we will make the painting and decorative process simple for you and your business. At Next Painting, we have well-established commercial experience in painting and decorations. We have completed hundreds of major commercial projects since the formation of our company, building long-term relationships with clients to ensure that professional painting never disrupts their services. We want the daily running of your business to run as smoothly as it always has while we get the painting done right.

Are you looking to paint a new office building? Redoing a retail outlet? Maybe you have an industrial estate that needs a lift with new colours?

Regardless of the commercial project, you can rest assured that Next Painting, we have your next project covered. We understand that commercial painting services are best done on a case-by-case basis, so we treat every project of yours as a priority and tailor our services specifically towards what you want. We don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions: we produce the unique look you want done within budget.

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For the Best Commercial Painting Service in Melbourne

As a general rule, we will always work to accommodate you: we’re here to make your business easier, not harder. So what are some commercial painting services we can complete for you?

As you can see, we at Next Painting offer a wide range of commercial painting services across many business sectors. We consider ourselves versatile, professional painters and our versatility allow us to give your properties that ‘wow’ factor.

As an added bonus, each commercial painting job comes with a free colour consultancy courtesy of us to show that we appreciate our customers. Our colour consultancy services will help you pair the correct shades and hues for your walls. Accent walls, for example, can make certain rooms ‘pop’ and draw attention to a particular section of the wall, giving the room an altogether different feel. These colour strategies depend on the layout and current design of your commercial property, so be sure to ask us for our expert opinion. Your first colour consultancy is free because we want the painting strategy to be right before we begin the busywork of getting the job done.