About Us

Practiced Commercial And Residential Painters In Melbourne

Providing quality services in the Melbourne area for over 30 years

Next Painting is a Melbourne-based professional painting firm that is among the leading decorating companies in Victoria, Australia. We have been providing quality services in the Melbourne area for over 30 years. Our best-known trademarks are reliability, top-quality service, and always high regards for our customers.

Professional painting inevitably involves personal taste. That’s why making an interior the right shade of hue to accentuate the furniture and layout is never an easy decision. Painting professionals, therefore, serve as a home’s stylist, painting and renovating properties. However, our professionals are not just painters; they also come from a background of design, repair, and engineering, to ensure that your property is aesthetically-pleasing and functionally optimal. Painting is what we do best which is why we have been operating in Melbourne for three decades now.

The process here at Next Painting is simple: upon placing an order with us, you will be connected with a Next Painting supervisor who will answer any questions you have a one-on-one. All of our employees are OHS-trained and fully-insured with long-time experience in the painting and decorating industry. After the initial quote, we will work with you to produce the outlined project based on the turnaround you requested.

Peace Of Mind During The Decorative And/Or Painting Process

For both commercial and residential properties

We are here to bring you peace of mind during the decorative and/or painting process every step of the way. Here at Next Painting, we are also well-known for our colour consulting, pairing matching hues and colours in your interior space to ensure that there is consistency and balance. As many of our clients wonder and later learn, there is a clear methodology when dealing with colour palettes. Our experts at Next Painting will consult you in the early, problem-solving process to help you decide what shades will best suit your property.

Next Painting provides services for both commercial and residential properties. We have completed painting and design projects for hundreds upon hundreds of properties, be they office spaces or living rooms. Our versatile team ensures that we can take our decorative expertise to both the corporate setting and a homey one. What it also means is that you can expect our work to match your needs every step of the way, making your painting and decorative ideas into reality.

Why let your decorative ideas fall to the wayside? Next Painting will produce the design you’ve been looking for, at an affordable cost. There is no reason why renovations need to be difficult, so let Next Painting take the stress away: We’ll streamline the process and make your commercial or residential space the best it can be.